Meral Soydas Photography | Story Albums
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Story Albums

For the cherry on top and to tie it all together, you can’t go without a photo album! You wouldn’t hang a painting on your wall without framing it now would you?


Let me tell you this, a Story Album is not just a photo album filled with pretty pictures. No, this album truly tells the story of your special day, as if you’re experiencing it all over again. Each album is custom designed in the style of your wedding, making every single album unique.


Of course, you have a say in the layout ensuring all your favourite pictures are included. My albums are clean and minimalistic in its layout: making every picture really stand out. It’s always possible to add more pages, choose a bigger size or get a duplicate for your parents or for your wedding crew.
Album rates start from €475


PS. Want to see my albums? You’re always welcome to come over and flip through some sample albums.